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For your immediate Proof of Delivery
Try Scan Proof

Test ScanProof by downloading the App from the google play store(if you have a QR Scan app scan now).
Only the lines typed in the pink are shown on the phone when scanned. The test page only allows eleven lines of what's needs to be shown on the proof of delivery, a sample of what will be seen is shown on the right with the scan. Print off or download a hardcopy by selecting the PDF icon.
The other details are used to create the zip return you wish. Check the boxes for the zip file needed.Remove all with reset button.
Send samples to your email:

Try ScanProof Add your POD as needed!
Zip Name

Zip Name

Returned Zip Samples

The scan returned files can be received/viewed in one of three methods:

  • ScanProof web server
  • email
  • FTP integrated into clients backend

  • CSV:







A management fee of R5,000.00 per month for 12 months.

With a cost per scan as per table
Includes supporting these services:

  • Server support
  • Web and front end support
  • Mobile support
  • Intergration
  • T&C's apply

The ScanProof App can be customised to your requierments if extra funtionality is needed.
This would be subject to the scope of worked and would be quoted for separately.

ScanProof overview

The ScanProof App is a 4 step process that captures on delivery these details:

  • Date and Time
  • GPS coordinates
  • Name of recipient
  • Name of company delivering
  • Name of person delivering

Once complete ScanProof will send the zip file to our server (ScanApp needs data connection[3G or Wi-Fi]). This will then be forwarded to the client via:

  • email
  • ftp
  • Or view on ScanProof server and down load as needed
  • Step 1:

    Open ScanProof App and Scan Doc

    Step 2:

    ScanProof displays document contents as per your QR Code. Recipient enters their name

    Step 3:

    Recipient signs off on delivery

    Step 4:

    ScanProof saves and sends zip file

  • Options:

    Add Photo's Pics from gallery,Docs,Audio,Scans or Note


    Add Word Excel or PDF Doc if needed


    Add an Audio Note


    Add View Shows All items Added before returning to Scan to save

  • Returns:

    Return items on delivery or items previously delivered


    Select items returned from scan


    Add items to be returned with suplier ref details


    Final return before save

  • Capture Id

    Ensure ID of recipient

    Captured Scans

    Lists Scans Captued

    Read Scan

    Reads scan if captured or to check


    Multiple Scanners & scan types